PicsArt Photo Studio 5.8.0

Image editing, drawing and social media sharing software

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    iOS 8.0.2 / iOS 8.1 / iOS 8.0.1 / iOS 7.0 / iOS 8.1.1 / iOS 8.0 / iOS 8.1.2

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PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the most feature rich photo editing suites on the market. Its sheer wealth of features may make it intimidating to new users, but if you take the time to learn what the platform can do, it will likely serve as the only photo editing tool you'll ever need. With availability for both iOS and Android devices, it's a great mobile alternative to more expensive and well recognized desktop suites like Adobe Photoshop.

PicsArt Photo Studio is coming into an already crowded market. Apps that allow you to add filters and make alterations to your photos are a dime a dozen, but PicsArt fills that niche while also bringing a whole host of other options to the table. The layout of the icons is neat and restricted to the bottom of your screen, and the quick and intuitive app makes editing both photos you've just snapped and those that already exist in your gallery a cinch. The actual editing process can be a bit unwieldy however. There are just so many icons displaying on your screen that it can be hard to discover what you need at first. Even experienced users may get lost in the interface and have trouble tracking down exactly what they need.

But beneath that dense array of options is the most comprehensive photo editing tool available for mobile devices. There's an incredible wealth of effects you can use to change up the look of your photos. Color corrections are smartly handled and intuitive, but there's also the ability to create artistic, ColorSplash, or paper effects. As might be expected, each of these subsections expands into a huge range of specific features. More practical and expected options like cropping, resizing, and rotating images are thankfully contained within their own icon, a necessity given how much more often you'll likely be using these features.

There's also the ability to use your photos as a canvas. These resemble a traditional desktop photo editing app like Photoshop. You'll find traditional pen and paintbrush tools that can be altered in terms of thickness, depth, and color as well as the ability to add text and paint or distort a selection of simple shapes. Finally, there's the add button which you can use to bring in clip art or dig into even more frames, text, and image options. It's both exhaustive and exhausting, but there's no doubt that the love put into the product is resolute.

While the photo editing functions can be complicated, sharing is a breeze. A one click function allows you to upload your photo into any platform from Flickr to Facebook to Dropbox. The intentions behind PicsArt are admirable. They try to take a Photoshop-quality product and shrink it down to suit the needs of a phone. Unfortunately, the real estate available makes fitting this all in difficult. But if you're willing to overcome the learning curve, it's one of the best tools you can have on your phone.


  • The largest suite of photo editing tools available for mobile
  • A huge number of sharing options


  • Can take a long time to learn

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